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Karinna Victoria

I’m a female entrepreneur in my 20’s. I studied 3D Graphics and Animation at the University of Colorado Denver.

Unfortunately due to emotional hardship and financial circumstances I wasn’t able to complete my studies.

But I didn’t let that stop me! I’m still pursuing my dreams! Through starting my business I plan on getting back on my feet and going back to school.

I am so passionate about helping others pursue their dreams too! I help businesses upgrade their identity as a company through logo design and branding.


Karinna was born in 1995 in Whittier, CA.

She is a young visual artist who captivates her audience by creating surreal works of art using different forms of media.

She started her works in 2013 while working as a peer counselor.

Experimenting with art therapy using various types of materials and mediums, she gained knowledge leading to her symbolic and compelling art style.


Your Story…

Want to share your story? Shoot me an email and lets put it on canvas!